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What Are You Worth To The Supply Chain?

The supply chain management sector has changed a great deal in the last few years, and experienced professionals are being asked to prove their exceptional talents and abilities to add significant value and benefit to the supply chain department or role.

Supply chain concept with spinning gears and businessman hand suggesting inventory optimizationThis is an interesting shift, but one that it pays to keep abreast of if you are interested in a senior supply chain management role. This is part of an industry-wide movement to raise standards, reflecting the fact that more than half of logistics and warehousing activities are currently being outsourced while third party suppliers handle almost half of assembly and manufacturing processes.

What Are Employers Looking For?

Matching up your skillset with the position you are aiming for is a good way to ensure that you’re looking at the right types of role in the future. If you’re seeking a job in the supply chain management sector, consider carefully whether your expertise fits into the following desirable areas:

1.    Specialist knowledge. Do you have a background in lean or six sigma practices? If you can demonstrate a good understanding and engagement with the industry jargon and precise marketing experience that these roles demand, you’ll be placing yourself ahead of the competition at interview time.

2.    Practical experience. Talking the talk is no longer enough when you’re seeking a new position, so consider how you can prove that you have been able to develop and maintain relationships with outsource partners. Any examples that you can give should be fully referenced and reflect the level of responsibility that you are seeking.

3.    Willingness to learn. It would be rare indeed to find the perfect candidate for any position, who did not need any further training. It isn’t essential to have carried out the exact role before for most positions, as further training will usually be included in the new role. However, a willingness and ability to learn new skills and develop your practice will be an important indicator of suitability for a post.

4.    Financial responsibility. It’s hardly surprising in the current financial climate that employers are asking for more financial responsibility from their supply chain managers. An acute awareness of profitability and cost management, as well as finding and implementing cost efficiencies across the spectrum of the business are skills that are now expected as standard.

5.    Technology skills. In this digital age, it’s important to show your knowledge and flair with digital programmes and decision technology in order to give yourself a chance of standing out against the competition. If you do not have relevant experience in this area, it’s worth considering some re-training in order to develop these vital skills.

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