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What can employers do to attract new talent?

As one year comes to a close and we look forward to the opportunities and challenges of a buoyant employment market in 2019 we are asking the question ‘What can employers do to attract new talent?’

When we explored the organisational factors that are in our control, our recent survey gave us some important insights as to what a candidate takes into consideration before taking the plunge and signs on the dotted line.

In our survey of almost 5000 candidates across a broad range of industries we found that candidates:

  • Fear a new culture/environment in an organisation.
  • A potential loss in status.
  • This is followed closely by a fear of failure and current market instabilities that could affect the organisation in the future i.e. you know more about your current employer than a prospect employer or the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

So as employers what can you do?

An employer’s brand and market awareness is key. Every employer has potentially hundreds of on hand marketeers, however, it is how you harness that power and potential the counts. In Ireland, everyone knows someone working somewhere. So yes, you guessed it, your employees are your best marketing tool to spread the knowledge of your working environment, culture and can break down any barriers or myths that may exist about your business. It also doesn’t require expensive advertising campaigns and will also help you understand the current way your employees understand and view your organisation.

The key to a successful recruitment process is designing and implementing a robust recruiting strategy. This includes candidate management, selling the organisations brand and culture and managing the candidate through the change process prior to signing on the dotted line. A skilled recruiter will do this from the start of the process to ensure the candidate is ready for the change and that any fears or concerns are addressed. Therefore, investing in a skilled recruitment team is key or deciding to use a reputable agency is advantageous.

Your onboarding program is one of the key tools that will ensure your new start understands and gels with the new culture and is successful in their new position. So ask yourself, when is the last time that you reviewed your onboarding program? How welcoming is it and is it setting up each new employee for success or just covering compliance matters?

Our advice for employers for 2019

  • Focus on your brand through your workforce.
  • Invest in skilled personnel to manage candidates through the process of change and to sell your brand and culture.
  • Ensure employees are set up for success from day 1 through a solid onboarding program.

    What can employers do to attract new talent?

    Article by Michael Hanrahan (Senior Recruitment Consultant)

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