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What Do Engineering Recruiters Look For? Our Top Five Ways To Stand Out!

Whatever job you are applying for, you’ll want to make your application unique so that it stands out and sets you apart as someone worthy of an interview. Getting through the first round of paper applications can be tough, especially if you are applying for a job in a sector in which employment is scarce. However, there are many ways to create a great first impression, and we’ve got some great tips for anyone looking for a role in engineering.

Engineering.Drawing attention to the qualities and experiences that best qualify you for the job you are aiming for is a vital part of attracting the eye of an initial recruiter, and a well presented, well written CV and covering letter are also essential. Spelling and grammar aside, however, there are important considerations when you are applying for a job in engineering.

How to Make Your Engineering Job Application Unique

1. Highlight your professionalism. It’s important to present yourself as an asset to the company you are applying to. Showing that you are a good communicator who will work for the good of the business and the client is essential, and demonstrating your commitment to the role is the first thing to think about.

2. Draw attention to your technical expertise and innovation. A job in engineering is specific and requires high-level skills, so you must prove that you are the right person for this role. Give examples of systems and processes, or technical changes you have made which have improved a project financially, commercially or in terms of safety. A proven track record of the skills needed for the role is exactly what recruiters will be looking for.

3. Show that you work well with others. Collaboration is a key skill within the engineering sector, especially in a role where you are problem solving for a business. This relies on sharing knowledge and working effectively with others, so highlight any multidisciplinary projects you’ve worked on and consider how your role within the team was vital to the success of the project.

4. Know your audience. Demonstrating that you have a passion for and interest in the business you are applying to as well as the broader industry will show that you are the sort of person who is worth investing in. Networking is a useful skill, and an established record of developing client relationships is a good indicator of your knowledge of the industry.

5. Consult with professionals. There are many things to consider when you’re applying for an engineering job, and working with a recruitment agency to ensure you’re offering exactly what’s required is a good idea. Have a professional check your application before you submit it, to avoid making errors that could be costly.

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