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What Is The Role Of The Finance Project Manager

Careerwise Accounting JobsProjects within the finance sector often involve high-risk and complex management, which means that those at the helm must be extremely skilled and competent. A good project manager can make a finance project successful and inspire new levels of expertise and commitment within his or her team, so it is not surprising that these positions are highly valued.

The finance industry comes under continuous scrutiny since it handles the money of others and must be publicly accountable. If you believe that you have the motivation and drive to be at the top of the game and to steer high-level projects to successful completion, you could consider finance project management as a potentially fulfilling career for you.

Who Makes A Good Finance Project Manager

As a Finance Project Manager, you would be handling high-pressure decision-making and taking on a great deal of responsibility daily. These roles are highly demanding, so offer a lucrative and rewarding option for the right candidates, but you should be aware of the qualities and experience you will need to secure a position such as this.

1. Relevant experience. Good Finance Project Managers come from many different backgrounds within the financial and investment sector, but financial services experience is very highly rated. A good level of understanding of business operations in general will be a very useful stepping stone when you’re applying for this type of position.

2. Ability to problem solve. Skilled thinking and an ability to see the bigger picture can be very helpful when you’re making vital decisions about the investments made by others. This sort of role involves a high level of responsibility, so being able to make clear-headed and logical decisions is very important indeed.

3. People management skills. Finance Project Managers may handle large teams of people or may work closely with a few key individuals. Good people skills and management experience are necessary either way, and a background that demonstrates your ability to get the best from your team will help your application stand out.

4. Organisational skills. You’ll be making high-level decisions in a role such as this, so being able to direct with confidence, and to bring organisational strength to the project is crucial. Showing that you have made a difference using your organisational skills can be useful when you’re trying to secure your first finance project manager role.

5. Qualifications. Not all Finance Project Managers will go through the same route, but qualifications in project management are available through various organisations. The international PRINCE2 qualification, or the alternative Agile qualification, is recognised and appreciated by many employers in the financial sector.

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