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Why a Career in Accounting Could be For You

Whether you’re already considering a career in accounting or you’re looking into the career options that may suit you, exploring the field of accounting will be very useful to you right now.

Accountants are always in demand, whether in the government, private or charitable sector, and this means that the prospects of a good position in the world of accounting are high. It’s a versatile and genuinely useful profession that can give you great career satisfaction and a good quality of life, so make sure that you give it careful consideration if it’s an area you think you may be interested in.

Five Reasons to Explore an Accounting Career:

1.    It’s a growing industry. There are many career options within the accounting industry and with the explosion in self-employment, accountants are more in demand than ever. There are plenty of opportunities to climb the ladder of success if that’s what you’re aiming for, and if you’re interested in the more creative opportunities, there are positions involving expertise in strategic planning and analysis across all industries.

2.    It’s versatile. In accounting, you won’t be limited to one type of work throughout your career and you’ll find many options available to you. For example, there are openings within local, national and international operations, commercial and not-for-profit organisations and even in educational institutions and governmental roles. The sky is the limit, and you may find yourself exploring several areas of accounting before deciding where or if you wish to specialise.

3.    It’s important. Accounting is a field that is very important across all levels of business and calls for innovative thinkers with creative approaches to problem solving. Being an accountant comes with a level of responsibility that reflects the importance of this decision-making ability and integrity, and it’s a real bonus to feel that your work is highly valued.

4.    It’s reliable. In the current financial climate, while many professions are plagued by inconsistency and frustration, accounting is a stable and dependable option which can offer a good salary with the potential to increase, benefits, incentives and regular hours.

5.    It brings exciting opportunities. Because accounting is such a versatile profession, you’ll be able to meet people and discover opportunities across a wide range of positions and industries. Vital experience as an accountant can give you the groundwork you need to progress into management or leadership, or even into starting a business of your own.

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