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Why Recruitment Agencies are now fundamental within the Recruitment Cycle

Positive hiring trend upwards from multinational companies

Over the last 18 months CareerWise Recruitment has seen a significant positive hiring trend upwards from multinational companies, says Mike Morrissey (Director, CareerWise Recruitment). This trend has being consistently increasing on a monthly basis and is creating a furious demand for suitable skill-sets.

Making a direct comparison between the first 6 months of 2014 and the first 6 months of 2013, CareerWise has seen 52% increase in business. This has mainly being within the medical device, pharmaceutical, ICT, Agri and Shared Services sectors.

These figures are also reflected in the CSO Live Register downward trend.

Month Live Register % unemployed

Jul’13 441,976 13%

July’14 398,813 11.6%

However, it is not all good news. There is a shortage of suitably qualified individuals in Ireland, as a result of the high volume of recent graduates leaving Ireland for Canada, US and Australia.

This mass exodus coupled with the lack of Graduate placements since 2009 within the Multinationals sector has created a large gap in the market place right now.

Recruitment agencies are critical in a candidate driven market


Many thought recruitment agencies would disappear with the advent of web recruitment, but on the contrary they are even stronger than what they used to be. Time and money: two things that every organisation – large or small – is trying to save. A recruitment agency may be just what you need to achieve that goal. With the demand for individuals with suitable skill-sets increasing, Multinational Companies have returned to the recruitment agency as cost is no longer the key factor in the recruitment process.

Agencies such as CareerWise can play an important role in helping you find the right candidates for critical projects or roles without placing undue stress on your human resources department. We can help you identify, qualify and contact talented individuals you may not know how to find independently.

Of course, recruitment agencies do represent an added labor cost once you contract their services. However, working with a recruitment agency could represent a long-term quality decision.

The key now is available resources and being able to locate and hire within a very candidate driven market in timely manner. This among others is the reason why recruitment agencies are so very important and why they are so critical in a candidate driven market.

Why agencies are so critical in a candidate driven market:

  • Attracting people back to Ireland with Creative Job adverts
  • Easy to use Recruitment web sites
  • Expert recruiters within agencies whom know and understand the market
  • Job board usage across multiple platforms
  • Expertise with internet sourcing tools to attract people whom are passive candidates in the market place
  • Counteract counter offers from competing companies for the same candidate
  • Agencies reach within Europe, US, Canada and Australia
  • Global partnerships with agencies outside of Ireland
  • Assistance with current market values to attract top candidates
  • Offering relevant market expertise to both clients and candidates
  • Wider net for targeted candidate attraction
  • Process streamlining (reduction cost & time spent by companies reviewing, shortlisting and pre-screening candidates)
  • Saving management time interviewing only the top suitable candidates
  • Central location for multiple jobs for those candidates searching, most candidates have a preferred agencies based on history or market presences


Article by Mike Morrissey – Director, CareerWise Recruitment 021 429 753


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