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Your Guide To Annual Leave In Ireland

How much annual leave are you entitled to? Many companies have complicated policies that leave employees unsure of their entitlements, so we’ve put together a quick guide to annual leave in Ireland to help you.

What Is Annual Leave?

Annual leave is defined as a holiday day during which you are entitled to receive your usual wages on your usual pay day. This can be more complex if you work in the sales or recruitment industries and your pay is partly comprised of bonuses or commission, in which case you will be entitled to receive the average of your wages during the 13 week period before your holiday/annual leave.

Other types of leave that you may take throughout the year include maternity and paternity leave, carers leave and public holidays, but these do not affect your annual leave rights. Your employer has the right to refuse an annual leave request, but must take into account your family responsibilities, your right to take opportunities to rest, and your right to be informed of any changes to your annual leave at least a month before it occurs. Your company may also have stipulations about when your leave can be taken, for example, many tourism providers will restrict leave during high season.

How Much Annual Leave Should I Get?

All full-time workers in Ireland are entitled to receive 20 paid holiday days each year, although many companies include more than this within their contracts.

Your contract with your employer should set out exactly what you are entitled to, although this can be complicated if you work part time or take sick leave during the year.

Many employers will allow you to carry any unused holiday days through to the following year, but this is not a statutory requirement so check your contract carefully if you intend to do this.

Facts You Should Know About Annual Leave:

• It is illegal for an employer to use your annual leave entitlement to cover days when you are sick, and you should obtain a medical note to claim back any days of annual leave where you are sick, as these should be registered as sick days. If you have to take long term sick leave, you are entitled to keep any annual leave you have missed out on for up to 15 months after the end of the year in which you have been ill.

• Public holidays are not included in your 20 day entitlement to annual leave, and these apply to all full-time and most part-time workers in Ireland. If you have to work on a public holiday, you will be entitled to either an additional day of annual leave or an additional day’s pay. The 9 public holidays in Ireland are New Year’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter Monday, the first Monday in May, June and August, the last Monday in October, Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day.

• If you leave your job, you should be paid for any days of annual leave that you have not received.

• Your entitlement to annual leave may vary if you are in part time employment, so check your contract and discuss the situation with your employers if you are unsure.

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