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Your Probation Period And How To Fly Through It!

Careerwise Probation PeriodMost permanent jobs in Ireland involve completing a probationary period, which can be useful as a ‘trial’ for both employer and employee to ensure that the position and the individual are a good fit. Realistically, however, it can be a time of anxiety, characterised by worries about making a good enough impression to secure the permanent role.

During a probation period, a company may assess your ability to do the role in question, and can end your contract without legal redress. The pressure of being observed can make it difficult to perform to the best of your ability, however, so it’s worth considering our top tips to sail through your probation.

Ace Your Probation:

1. Make yourself stand out. It may be obvious, but your employer will notice whether or not you are fully involving yourself in the life of the business and the team you are working within. Find out what the basic expectations are with regard to dress and punctuality, for example, and exceed these at every opportunity!

2. Get involved. Giving more than is expected of you is a surefire way to become indispensable within your team, so try to say yes to opportunities that arise and be as enthusiastic as possible about your role and the contribution you make.

3. Set up for success. Don’t rush into things initially, but give yourself the time to settle into the company and your new role, and to learn the ropes. You need to understand the way in which the company works and really take on board the ethos of your employers in order to be successful in the job in the future.

4. Seek help when needed. There will almost certainly be difficulties at some point during your probationary period, perhaps simply finding the answers to basic office etiquette questions or dealing with more complex personnel issues. Jotting down issues that arise and addressing these with your line manager at an appropriate time will show that you can cope effectively with problems.

5. Be a positive presence. Ultimately, it’s important to show your new employers what they stand to gain by having you as an employee. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues and to show an interest in building bonds within the team, and you’ll soon be a vital part of the business.

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