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Frequently asked questions about how recruitment agencies work for jobseekers

What do recruitment agencies do?

Recruitment agencies work with individuals and companies, making connections between those who are seeking a new position and those who require talented people to fill vital roles. As a candidate seeking a new role, your recruitment agency will work closely with you, taking the time to understand what you are looking for so that they can make introductions and alert you to suitable opportunities as soon as they arise.


How do recruitment agencies work?

A recruitment agency will discuss your employment history and goals and record your information on a database, so that you can be contacted as soon as a relevant position arises. Here at CareerWise Recruitment, we believe in getting to know our clients and candidates, so that we can find the best possible matches, and we are happy to support you through the application and interview process too.


Do I have to pay a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is paid by the employer, according to the salary agreed between the candidate and the company. The employee’s salary is not affected by the fee paid to the recruitment agency, which is set before the recruitment process begins.


Do candidates earn less money if placed by a recruitment consultant?

Being placed by a recruitment company will not mean that you earn less, and could even secure you a higher salary if your recruiter negotiates this on your behalf. Your recruiter will be paid by your new employer, and their rate of pay will depend upon the salary you agree with the company, so it is in their interests to ensure that your salary is as competitive as possible.


Why do job ads on recruitment agencies not show company names?

Recruitment agencies do not usually include the company name in their job adverts since this puts the recruiter at risk of losing the contact they have worked hard to secure if a candidate approaches the company directly instead of working with the recruiters in the established format. Working with a recruitment agency simplifies the recruitment process for companies, allowing them to outsource much of the recruitment process, and this creates a partnership that works for both parties, as well as individuals in search of new positions.


What happens to my data as a candidate?

Your data, given to us with your permission, will be added to our secure database to enable us to quickly match you with any new job specifications that are suitable. Our database system has been recently upgraded to meet the latest challenges of the recruitment business, and we can make matches between candidates and companies more effectively and accurately than ever before. At CareerWise Recruitment, you choose which criteria your details can be found under, which gives us a great insight as we match your career aspirations with opportunities that arise. We use a highly secure VPN network infrastructure to store all data, and you can request the removal and deletion of your data at any time.


Why should I use a recruitment agency to find a job?

Using a recruitment agency to find a job will streamline the process, so you will be able to identify suitable roles as soon as they become available, and apply for multiple roles at one time. Our recruiters are experts in matching the skills and specialisms of our clients with companies that value these, and we will help you to make the most of your applications, every step of the way.


What is CareerWise Recruitment?

CareerWise Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading specialist Technical and Executive Recruitment firms, and we’ve been working in the recruitment sector since 1999. We specialise in many disciplines, including Scientific and Laboratory, Engineering and Technical, Supply Chain, Logistics & Materials, IT/Software, Accounting & Finance, Manufacturing & Production; our experienced team works across multiple platforms to ensure that we always provide the very best service to our clients.


Where are your offices?

Here at CareerWise Recruitment has offices in Cork, Shannon, Galway, Dublin and Mayo, so you can engage with experts in your region. We work with employers across Ireland, including International businesses with exciting opportunities for talented professionals.


What will a recruiter do for me?

A good recruiter will get to know you and build a picture of exactly what you are looking for and what you can bring to a new employer. Recruiters know their industry inside out and use their excellent market knowledge to give you the best opportunities every time. Our recruiters support our clients throughout the application and interview process, providing expert guidance to ensure your CV and interview skills don’t let you down.


What happens after you have applied through a recruitment agency?

When you have applied for a job through a recruitment agency, you will be contacted by your recruiter to let you know the outcome of your application and hopefully arrange an interview. The application process is easier with a recruitment agency, because we will handle the process for you so that you can apply for multiple jobs at one time without having to follow up each one by yourself. This can save you valuable time and energy, so you can focus on preparing for those all-important interviews!


Frequently asked questions about how recruitment agencies work for companies

As a company, why should I use a recruitment agency to find employees?

Recruitment is often a costly process for companies and using a recruitment agency to help you find the employees, you need will help you to streamline the process and keep costs down. A good recruitment agency will have a wide pool of potential candidates with varied specialisms, and can quickly identify those with suitable experience and skillsets, as well as those who will share the ethos of your company and your team.


What is CareerWise Recruitment?

CareerWise  Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading specialist Technical and Executive Recruitment firms and we’ve been working in the recruitment sector since 1999. We work with local, national and international companies in Ireland, and we have an excellent reputation for placing talented and dynamic candidates in roles in which they can excel.


What will CareerWise Recruitment do for me?

At CareerWise Recruitment, we are committed to getting to know your company, understanding the company culture, ethos, markets and products, as well as your plans for the future, so that we can recruit professionals who have the right experience, skill set and attitude to fit in. We offer a bespoke approach to every company, to ensure we can meet your requirements, and our insights into local industry and culture can create the best outcomes for everyone.


What recruitment services do you offer to employers?

We offer a range of recruitment services to ensure that we can meet the needs of all our partner companies, including Executive Search, Professional Recruitment, Contractor Sourcing & Management, On-site Recruitment, Payroll Services and Outplacement Services.


How can I advertise a job with CareerWise Recruitment?

If you would like to advertise a job with CareerWise Recruitment, simply contact us online or give one of our experienced recruiters a call so that we can talk you through the process. We take the time to get to know the companies we work with, so that we can be sure of making connections that work.


How much does it cost?

Working with a recruitment agency will save you money on advertising and re-advertising, as well as the personnel costs involved with processing applications and arranging interviews. A recruitment agency will be paid upon successful hire, as a percentage of the agreed salary between your company and your new employee.


What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

We specialise in Scientific and Laboratory, Engineering and Technical, Supply Chain, Logistics & Materials, IT/Software, Accounting & Finance, Manufacturing & Production roles for the Life Sciences, Tech, Food/Agri and Engineering sectors.


Where will you advertise my job vacancy?

Here at CareerWise, we work across multiple platforms to create a comprehensive service. Jobs are advertised widely, including on our website, our blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and our newsletter, so we have good coverage to attract top quality professionals.


What is executive search?

Our Executive Search service is designed to source the best talent in executive and senior level roles across Ireland and abroad. This is ideal for interim management as well as permanent senior positions and we also offer Leadership Coaching, to help you to create a high-performance leadership team to lead your company. We collaborate with a select panel of executive and performance coaching experts across Ireland, creating a support network for leaders and C suite teams to raise the profile of your business and create an effective team to take your business to the next level.


How will CareerWise Recruitment source the best candidates for my role?

We focus on excellence when we recommend and prepare candidates for application and interview, and we are confident that our candidates are adaptable and ready for opportunities to grow. We won’t waste your time with candidates who are not a good fit for your position or your company, and we will help to streamline the recruitment process to provide you with the very best candidates for every role.


How is CareerWise Recruitment different to other recruitment agencies?

We are the only Irish member of INRALS (International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences), which binds us to a strict ethical and professional code of conduct and standards, providing international connections and expertise to create a unique opportunity for the companies we work with. We are committed to honesty and integrity throughout our operations, and our excellent track record demonstrates how effectively our model works. We combine international reach and local market knowledge to secure the top candidates for your business.




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