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5 Career Tips For Young Engineers

The days of taking up a career for life are long gone, and most graduates going into engineering roles are likely to stay in a job for around five years before changing pathways or specialising. This is a fascinating shift in the employment market, and it means that the skills we need to stay ahead of the game are changing.

Here at CareerWise, we work with many young engineers and we pride ourselves on making great connections between candidates and employers. We think that experience is worth a great deal, so we’ve put together some top tips from the experts to give young engineers some food for thought when considering their future careers.


Engineering Career Tips:

 Building a career in engineering can take you on an interesting and challenging journey. Consider our tips to make your path smoother and help you to get the best out of the engineering industry.

  1.  Stay curious. Most engineers are drawn to the industry in the first place by their curiosity, and an active mind is essential in this field. Experienced engineers cite this as a quality that should be nurtured and developed, since asking questions is vital to integrity on every level of an engineering project.
  1. Always strive for more. When you begin your career as an engineer, you bring certain skills and qualifications to the table. As you progress, you have the chance to develop these and to undertake further training and acquire new skills. A continuing commitment to learning is vital, and you should consider that your initial degree is just the beginning of the process.
  1. Learn from the experts. Allowing yourself to follow the lead of experienced engineers and learn from them will help you to deliver to the best of your abilities at all times. Take note of how your role models proceed in their projects and see how you can best use their experience to develop your own expertise.
  1. Build your soft skills. Think about what you can offer a company that is additional to your skillset and qualifications, and develop essential skills, such as people management, so that you can be of greater value to your organisation. Managing teams is a key skill for engineers, and if you can develop this potential in yourself, you are likely to find yourself in high demand.
  1. Know your industry. Don’t forget to feed your interests and retain a good level of understanding about other fields in engineering, especially where these may be relevant to your future career development. Having a keen interest in your subject and being able to converse with others in the industry is a must in order to excel in any interview.


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