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Brexit: The Real Impact On The Supply Chain Industry

Here at CareerWise, we work with employers and individuals in several different industries including supply chain, and we are aware that there are many people out there with big questions about how Brexit will affect their work. It is still early days for the Brexit process, and the exact implications cannot be predicted, but some effects are already being felt and plans are under discussion.

Brexit will, undoubtedly, have a big effect on the supply chain industry, and responding to the changes positively will be key. There may be big decisions to take to reduce the negative impact on the sector, and it is important to remember that things will continue to change for many months and years to come.

How Brexit Will Affect The Supply Chain Industry In Ireland

  1. Border concerns. The implications of Brexit for the Irish border are not yet clear, and this is a subject that has not been understood by many politicians and voters so far. We know, however, that a controlled border will have a big impact on supply chain, and if we consider simple processes such as the canning of products from Dublin that is currently carried out in Belfast, we can see the implications for cost and time that these changes may lead to.
  2. Customs regulations. The EU is, of course, a customs free zone with an established system for safety, certification and specification. As a result of stepping out of this arrangement, taxes, tariffs, duties and safety certifications from the UK will all need to be re-considered. This may have a big effect on the requirements and compliances companies have to meet for import/export to the UK, and will inevitably lead to an increase in paperwork, such as a reinstatement of country of origin forms.
  3. Free movement. The question of free movement or movement of labour is one that has been explored at length in the press but has no resolution thus far. The rights of UK citizens in Ireland, and Irish/EU citizens who live and work in the UK, are under debate, and this could have a great impact on the way in which shortages in certain skill areas are filled. Recruiting from the EU rather than from the UK is likely to be the way forward here.
  4. Currency implications. UK sterling has always been a stronger currency than the euro, which has historically been good news for the Irish market in the UK. The predicted damage to the UK economy may have an impact on this situation, and increased duties and tariffs may make Irish produce less appealing within the UK.

We will, of course, watch and wait, keeping you informed as the negotiation process unfolds.

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