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CareerWise Attend The World’s Leading Business & Self-Empowerment Summit

Ken Murphy (Director, CareerWise Recruitment), Robin Sharma (World's Premier Expert on Leadership & Personal Mastery) and Joe Robbins (Director, CareerWise Recruitment)
Ken Murphy (Director, CareerWise Recruitment), Robin Sharma (World’s Premier Expert on Leadership & Personal Mastery) and Joe Robbins (Director, CareerWise Recruitment)

Unleash Your Warrior Mindset

Joe Robbins (Director, CareerWise Recruitment) and Ken Murphy (Director, CareerWise Recruitment) attended the Pendulum Summit (Unleash Your Warrior Mindset) at The Convention Centre Dublin yesterday.

Pendulum Summit is a transformational event where leading inspirational minds from all industries and professions gather to stimulate innovative and visionary thinking that catapults them into a realm of authentic success. Pendulum change makers share a common goal to raise the standard of their life and those around them through innovation, determination, inspiration and soul! It is a hybrid between business and personal development.

The speakers this year offered $50 million worth of content that is unmatched not just in Ireland but anywhere in the world.

By bringing together the world’s most influential thought leaders and visionaries through a series of innovative and interactive events, they showcased the most advanced methods and approaches on how to create a life of authenticity, efficiency, wealth and creativity.

CareerWise Attend The World's Leading Business & Self-Empowerment Summit“I was honored to be able to spend time talking with one of my biggest idols and mentors yesterday Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma is recognised as one of the world’s leading authors, speakers and leadership coaches. The author of countless books on achievement and success, such as the bestselling The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title. I would encourage everyone to apply the principles that Sharma suggests and I promise you that you’ll be blown away by all that you’re able to accomplish and achieve. His concepts of leadership philosophy are the best description of leadership in the new era that the world is facing, in my opinion.”

Joe Robbins, Director, CareerWise Recruitment

 Key Speakers:

  • ROBIN SHARMA – World’s Premier Expert on Leadership & Personal Mastery
  • DR. JOHN DEMARTINI – World’s Leading Force on Human Behaviour
  • KEITH CUNNINGHAM – Global Authority on Business Mastery
  • LISA NICHOLS – World’s Most-Requested Motivational Speaker
  • JACK CANFIELD – America’s #1 Success Coach
  • KEITH FERRAZZI – World’s #1 on Strategic Networking


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