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Counter Offers: The Truth

If you’re successful in the job application process and are offered a new job, it’s quite likely that your current employer will make you a counter-offer, in an attempt to dissuade you from taking your expertise and experience elsewhere. It is, of course, your right to consider this offer carefully and to make the decision that you feel is best for you. As recruiters, however, we at CareerWise think it’s worth exploring the notion of the counter offer if you are in this position.

Four Reasons to Beware of a Counter Offer:

1. You wanted to leave. If you were feeling unhappy enough in your job to consider a move, it was probably for more than just financial reasons. Were you hoping for greater responsibility? Perhaps you have had problems with some members of your team or management? A new role or rate of pay within your organisation will not address these issues in the same way that a fresh start would.

2. It’s not about you. You should be aware that almost every counter-offer is made because of the position the employer is in, rather than because the employee is priceless to them. It can be very frustrating for an employer to have a high staff turnover and to have to find and train new staff to fill vacant positions. The counter offer you have been made is almost certainly an attempt by the company you work for to avoid these problems, and this is why they want it to be tempting.

3. Trust has been compromised. Now that your company has realised that you are unhappy in your position and have been actively seeking out new roles, the trust you had built up is no longer there. You will find that you boss will be keeping tabs on you, waiting for you to betray them again, and they will probably be working out a solution to the problem of filling your position even as they make you the counter offer.

4. It’s not on your terms. It may sound a bit like a playground battle, and in some ways it is, but it’s actually a bit of a power struggle. Your choice to walk away is insulting and their ability to persuade you to return puts the power firmly back in their court. You’ll be on their terms if you accept this offer, and you may soon find that are not as highly valued as they have led you to believe.

Consider a Counter Offer Carefully

You really need to be certain that you can trust your boss to treat you fairly and according to their agreement, and that you won’t regret turning down the new position, before you accept a counter offer. It certainly changes things for you, and it’s well worth giving it more than a knee-jerk reaction.

Statistics show that half of all individuals who accept counter offers are actively seeking new positions again within sixty days: a surprising and revealing fact! You know that your happiness and job satisfaction is vital to your on-going commitment to your job, so don’t be tempted by an offer of a pay rise that is really just a way for your company to avoid the much larger expense of replacing you.

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