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Does Your Profile Picture Affect Your Job Prospects?

In today’s digital world, most people are frequent users of social media and it’s become easier than ever for a potential employer to find out about interviewees in advance. Sites such as LinkedIn are popular when building career connections and networking, but what is your profile picture telling potential colleagues and employers about you?

The images you provide of yourself will be very important, as people tend to form immediate and long lasting impressions based on these. Ensuring that you only use good quality, professional looking pictures that give people a positive impression will help you to make the most of this digital self-marketing opportunity.

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What Makes a Good Profile Picture?

Your profile picture will tell viewers a lot about you, so be sure to set aside the time to get it right. To get a photograph that will give the right idea about you and your approach to your work, you should:

1. Smile. Statistics show that people notice smiles first, and a smile that shows your teeth is the best way to get an instant positive reaction. Choose a picture that shows you looking relaxed and happy as this is much more likely to invoke a good response.

2. Avoid obstructing your eyes. Avoid covering your eye area with sunglasses or a hat as people struggle to identify with others if they can’t see their eyes. Make sure your face is not obstructed, especially around your eyes, and let your eyes join in with your smile!

3. Dress smartly. Those all-important stats show that people perceive you to be much more competent if you are dressed formally than if you look casual, so make sure you dig out your best shirt and make yourself as smart as you would for an interview before having your photograph taken.

4. Pick a good location. A photograph of yourself in front of cluttered shelves or in a social situation simply won’t give the right impression about your attitude to your work. Taking a photograph outside is often a good idea to make the most of natural light, but if you’re inside, make sure you’re standing against a clear wall and that the space is well lit.

5. Get a professional to take the picture. Taking a badly lit selfie won’t do you any favours at all. A professional photographer will know how to set up a shot and make the most of lighting, angles and editing to get the best result possible for you.

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