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6 Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process

hiring processEvery employer knows that it is essential to hire the very best talent in order to optimise their company’s potential. But when the recruitment process becomes long and unwieldy, costs mount up and it becomes unsustainable. So what is the best way to find the perfect employees in the shortest possible time? At CareerWise, we are experts in all aspects of recruitment. Here is our guide to speeding up the all important hiring process. 



  • Check for bottlenecks


The first step in speeding up the hiring process is to check for bottlenecks. Survey your whole recruitment system, from placing job adverts to CV selection and the interview process. Ask where this could be streamlined. If it seems to take a long time to get any suitable applications through, look at where you are placing your adverts. Perhaps you need to select a more specialist recruiter. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking in too niche an area, and need to expand using a more general jobs site, so that you have a chance to capture more of the market. If you find that you have plenty of applications, but that the interview process drags on for weeks, tackle ways to improve in this area.  


  • Create a great advert


Ensuring you create the best possible job advert is a great way to make the recruitment process speedier. If you have been clear about what the role requires, you should receive a better standard of application from the start. If you have highlighted the best qualities of your company, showing that it is a fantastic place to work, you will attract candidates who are enthusiastic and swift to return paperwork. A good job advert will be more easily found by the appropriate candidates, making your recruitment process simpler right from the start.   


  • Be more selective


It can be tempting to interview an extensive range of candidates, on the basis that you don’t want to miss someone who comes across as slightly lacklustre on paper, but who shines in person. However, this can mean you spend hours interviewing dozens of candidates, and the whole process becomes much more lengthy. Instead, be strict in your selection of CVs. If someone doesn’t have the necessary appeal within a two minute scan of their application, move on.  


  • Maintain communication


If you have further questions that are stopping you from proceeding with an applicant, don’t hesitate to ask them. Likewise, if you find the perfect person, don’t delay in making them a job offer. According to research from Spark Hire, the average candidate is prepared to wait two weeks before moving on to other things so keep your lines of communication clear, and make sure you are responsive to questions from candidates too. 


  • Check references swiftly


Often, the checking of references is left until the very end of the hiring process, and this can really slow things down. Consider moving this task forward. Of course, you don’t want to check the references for every single applicant, so you can’t do it too early. But by making sure it isn’t left until the last minute, you could make your process much more efficient in those crucial final stages. 


  • Utilise technology


This is perhaps the area with the greatest potential for time saving. There are numerous ways in which technology can help you in the recruitment process. Mobile browsing accounts for over 50% of job site Indeed’s traffic, so you should make sure your job adverts are optimized for mobiles. Likewise, use social media in your search for top new employees. A consistent presence built over time on platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn may mean you already have engaged candidates just waiting to hear about your opportunities. Technology can also be very helpful further down the recruitment process. Consider using phone calls for initial interviews, or video conferencing platforms such as Zoom for interviewing – this can make the process more flexible, with less need for travel, and so can speed things up considerably. 

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