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How To Ask For A Pay Rise

When you feel that you deserve a pay rise, it can be nerve-wracking to think about addressing this with your manager or boss. Asking for more money can feel very awkward, but if you feel that you deserve more recognition for your work, and you can justify your request, you have nothing to lose by introducing the subject.

In many roles, your contract will state that you will be considered for a pay rise after a certain period, usually twelve months. In this case, you have a clear basis to begin a conversation about your salary at this time. However, if you have not received a pay rise in the last year, or you feel that your salary is not high enough for the work that you do, you can ask for a review or a discussion with your manager at any time.

How To Convince Your Employer To Give You A Pay Rise:

• Prove it. Why do you deserve a pay rise? The first step in securing a higher salary for yourself is to justify that you are worth it, so you will need to provide data that shows that you are performing consistently well. It helps if you have a good rapport with your manager and if he or she is aware of how hard you work, but you will still need facts and figures to back up your claim that you are worth more than you are currently being paid.

• Show your commitment. No organisation will want to invest in someone who they believe will not stay with them, so it is important to demonstrate that you are committed. Talk about your current role and how you intend to move forward with this, and discuss how your input will change in the next 12 months, what your goals are, and how this will be beneficial to your employer.

• Do your research. If you want to justify a pay rise, you should consider comparable salaries in your industry. Look at other salaries in your organisation and in comparable companies, and compare your own salary with these, but don’t forget that there will be differences according to location and seniority.

• Be direct. Do not ask for a raise by email, but only bring the subject up when you are in a face-to-face conversation. You do not want to alienate your manager or boss, so be honest and direct in your request and do not threaten to leave the company if you are not given a pay rise unless you really mean it. If you have had an offer of another position with a different company, you can discuss this during your conversation if you are considering taking it, but you should be open about this and not try to use it as leverage.

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