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How To Make Your Annual Review Work For You

Annual reviews aren’t always the most exciting part of your business calendar, but by preparing yourself in advance you can make the most of this opportunity to highlight everything you have achieved in the last year.

If you feel unappreciated at work, or do not feel that your line manager’s perception of you is fair, your annual review is the best place to approach this in the first instance, providing examples of where you have met or exceeded your targets and worked well within your team. Try to see your review as a chance to openly discuss your career development rather than be subjected to criticism, and you will achieve the best outcomes for you and your career.

Questions To Help You Make The Most Of Your Annual Review:

  1. How is an annual review carried out in your company? The way in which different businesses approach annual reviews can vary enormously, so it’s important to check what the process will be. Whether you’re having a chat with your manager in a coffee bar or a formal meeting in the boss’s office, knowing what to expect will help you to prepare properly.
  2. Do you know your stuff? Consider your objectives for the last year and provide examples and records to show that you have met these where applicable. If you haven’t met an objective, you will need to explain this and discuss how you can move forward on this point.
  3. Is your contribution obvious? If you have records of everything you have done, your history of success will be clear. However, there are often many things that happen behind the scenes, so don’t be afraid to highlight anything you have achieved that is not formally recognized, or ask colleagues what their understanding of your contribution is.
  4. Have you prepared yourself? Turning up to your annual review without having had a chance to clear your head beforehand could be detrimental to your outcomes, so be sure to schedule a few moments of free time before your review and take the time to ensure you are focused and calm.
  5. Are you open to feedback? An appraisal is not just about recognizing your positive impact on the company, but an opportunity to work constructively with your supervisor or boss to set up the best way to develop your career. If you can approach this without being defensive, you will benefit from open feedback that is intended to help you grow.
  6. Where will you go from here? Your annual review should be the best place for a discussion about how you see your role developing and what you would like to do more of in the future. If there is any specific training that you feel would benefit you, this is a good time to discuss it. Also, if you believe your performance warrants a pay rise, this is the time to mention it.

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