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Interviewing An Applicant Who Already Has A Job

If you’re looking to fill a position with your company, you’ll be ideally seeking someone who is already employed, since this assures you that you’ll be getting a motivated and experienced employee who is keen to take on this position. It’s important, then, to give some thought to the way in which you approach interviewing people who are already employed, ensuring that you do not waste their time.

Regardless of the industry you are in, a specialist position requires a specialist approach, and if you are interviewing someone who is already employed, it’s likely that he or she will be a high quality applicant. Some recruiters argue that the best applicants will be crying out for the position in question, but this is not necessarily the case, since they are already in employment and may have several other opportunities to explore.

Recruiting Applicants Who Are Employed:

  1. Consider your process. If your interview process consists of multiple appointments, tasks and interviews, this will be time consuming and demanding for your candidates. If, however, an applicant is already in employment, it could be impossible for him or her to take this much time off and be as available as unemployed applicants, so this multi-stage process will not guarantee you the best candidate for the job.
  2. Don’t presume. Assuming that a candidate will be able to prioritise your job immediately if he or she is already in employment is likely to result in a frustrated applicant who gets a bad impression of your company. Forget asking an employed applicant to attend an interview at very short notice, and avoid the increasing trend to ask for multiple repeat visits to meet different members of your team.
  3. Use phone interviews. You can conduct at least the initial stage of the interview process over the phone, and this will be more convenient and preferable to candidates in many cases. With Skype and video calls becoming increasingly high quality, it is possible to conduct the entire recruitment process this way, and this is especially worth considering if your applicant is not local, or if he or she is employed in a demanding role elsewhere.
  4. Be organised. Set up a thorough and challenging interview process that will tell you all you need to know in a short time, and ensure that all of the key people involved in the appointment will be there. This will not only avoid wasting your applicant’s time, but will also streamline the process for you and your team and ensure that you attract excellent quality applicants now and in the future.


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