Our poll consisted of 443 respondents and the results are pretty staggering. 77% (371 people) voted (YES) it is a deal breaker.
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Is it a deal breaker? โ€“ The results are in!

Lockdown life revealed that for many of us โ€“ flexibility and autonomy over the working day is now more important than financial reward. So, we recently conducted a simple LinkedIn poll, where we asked the following question. Is NOT being offered job flexibility or hybrid working a deal breaker when searching for a new job, even if the salary is right?

The Results

Our poll consisted of 443 respondents and the results are pretty staggering. 77% (371 people) voted (YES) it is a deal breaker.

They would NOT consider a job change unless job flexibility is on offer, so what is this telling us?

If the last two years have taught us anything, itโ€™s that flexibility is key in all aspects of life. More specifically, flexible and hybrid options in the workforce are in high demand. This new wave of workplace flexibility is critical for positive workplace morale and productivity.
When the world went into lockdown, a lot of us had to adjust to a whole new work arrangement. Remote working and work from home policies took effect. However, the nature of some organisationsโ€™ on-site activity just didnโ€™t and still doesnโ€™t allow for a 100% remote work policy! The answer to this was some sort of balance between the twoโ€”a compromise that has produced whatโ€™s known as the hybrid workplace model.

In theory, a hybrid work arrangement offers the best of both worlds for employers and employees. It blends pre-pandemic patterns of office-based work with remote in a way that enables in-person collaboration and enhances overall productivity.
However, we have to acknowledge the fact that remote working and hybrid working does not suit everyone. 23% (102 people) of respondents said it would not deter them from changing jobs, if flexibility is not offered.ย Working remotely may seem like a wonderful opportunity at first, however, after a few months, when that novelty wears off, you might discover that there are several significant drawbacks to this work model that could compel you to hate the experience. Many people who work from home often struggle with maintaining a good work/life balance. This is because it can be easy to blur the line between the two, especially when your workplace is in your living room, bedroom, or in the palm of your hands.


What this poll is telling us is, a thoughtful approach to hybrid work will be critical for attracting and retaining diverse talent going forward. As there is a growing number of opportunities across the length and breadth of the country, it is very much a jobseekerโ€™s market and employers need to continue to offer the same level of flexibility that people have become accustomed to over the past few years. Adopting a more trust-based approach that sees employees working from home full-time or agreeing when, and how, they join their team in the office, maybe the only way forward.

The challenge ahead for every organisation is to meet employeesโ€™ new, flexible work model expectations head-on, while balancing business outcomes in an unpredictable and volatile economy.

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