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How to write a job description

A successful company relies on its talent base to continue to thrive. It is essential to recruit the very best to your team. The first step in the recruitment process is writing a job description. As a fundamental part of attracting the ideal candidates for your role, it is essential to get it right. At CareerWise Recruitment, we are experts in every stage of the recruitment process, and can help your company find the perfect employee. Here is our guide to writing a job description. 

What is a job description and why is it important?

A job description not only advertises that you have a vacancy; it describes enough about the role and the company for readers to decide if they are potential candidates. It should give a feel of company culture, as well as an idea of remuneration and the types of work involved. 

A good job description is an essential starting point for any successful recruitment campaign. As job seekers browse for work, they must see your job and be able to assess whether they should apply. They must be able to get a sense of your company, as well as the role itself. Your job description must be written with care and attention, to ensure you cast your company in the most attractive possible light, ready to attract the very best candidates.

What to include in the job description

While there is a lot of information to cover in your job description, it is also important to keep it concise and readable, to avoid it getting lost in the crowd. 


  • Title 

Your starting point. A job title should be targeted and specific – that way you are much more likely to receive applications from people with the precise skills you are looking for. According to data from Indeed, job titles with 80 characters or less receive more clicks 

  • Summary 

Your chance to hook your reader. Here, you are introducing them to your company and brand, so be sure to include highlights that reflect why yours is a great place to work. 

  • Specifics

Make sure you are clear on job location, and also details such as working hours and the working environment. You are asking applicants to dedicate themselves to your recruitment process; they won’t feel invested if they are unsure of job details that will potentially have a huge affect on their lives. 94% of job seekers in the UK rated work hours and schedule information as important to see in a job description. Additionally, 83% of job seekers in the UK rated work environment details as key information in a job description (Indeed survey with Facit Digital, n=371). 

  • The job

Although it won’t be possible to detail every single duty and responsibility, give a clear outline of the key facets of the role. Emphasise duties that may be unique to your organisation, and if certain types of expertise are required, make that clear here too. Give a sense of the day to day activities your candidate will find themselves engaging in, as well as their role within your company overall – who will they report to, and how many people will they be managing?

  • Skills and qualifications

As well as hard skills, such as educational achievements and specific certifications, do specify the soft skills you are looking for. These could range from problem solving abilities, to personality traits that would be valuable. Try and keep your wish list concise though! 

  • Salary and benefits

Job seekers will need to know if the salary you are offering meets their requirements, so make it clear what this role can offer. Also detail bonuses and benefits, as any extras you can provide might just attract your perfect candidate.

What not to include in the job description

  • Jargon 

Phrases specific to your company may confuse and put off job seekers who won’t necessarily understand them. 

  • Too many words! 

Job seekers may be researching many roles at a time – make sure yours stands out by being clear and concise.

Are you looking to find the right candidate for your company?

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