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Returning To Ireland For A Job

If you have been living abroad but are hoping to return home to Ireland, one of the most important things to consider is your job. Whether you are exploring a new career path, or want to continue in something similar to your current role, navigating international recruitment can present a real challenge. At CareerWise, we are experts in all aspects of the recruitment journey, and have often helped returning Irish citizens to find Irish jobs in which they can thrive. Here is our guide to returning to Ireland for a job.

Finding Opportunities

Although the job market in Ireland has been expanding, the wisest approach is to secure a role before making the move back home. Do your research, as there are stark regional variations in employment rates and skills gaps. The economy tends to be strongest in the east around Dublin; those hoping to return to more rural areas should certainly be prepared to be flexible in their expectations. Sectors such as construction, healthcare, IT and finance have experienced the greatest emigration in recent years; this has created a skills gap full of opportunity for returning emigrants. Those in the 28-35 year old age range can expect to be in demand.  

Value Your Experience

If you have several years of experience in your field, and have attained a managerial level, it could be easier than you think to secure a role for your return to Ireland. Employers will value the skills you have attained while abroad, so make sure you stress how much your years in another country have shaped your career. Research from the ESRI in 2010 showed returned emigrants could expect to receive 7 per cent higher wages than their peers who never left.

Be Realistic

When making the decision to return home, it is possible to get swept away in your homesickness and imagine a perfect fantasy version of what you will return to. However, it is important to retain a level head throughout your job search, and maintain realistic expectations. While you may enjoy huge benefits such as being close to friends and family, you may also face a rise in living costs, in the cost of healthcare, and possibly a drop in wages. So do your research and find out what kind of wage you can expect in Ireland in your sector, compared to where you have been living. 


If you are considering returning to Ireland, you can give yourself the best possible chance of landing a job by utilizing your existing networks. Get back in touch with friends and ask if they know of anyone already working in your sector. Send messages to college mates who may have openings at their places of work. Put the word out on social media that you are looking for a job; you never know what might turn up.

Remain Flexible

Although you may have set your heart on returning to your school days by the coast, it might be more sensible to keep an open mind. With such wide regional variations, you may need to make a first step back that takes you wherever the work is within Ireland. Once you are established in the Irish jobs market, you are more likely to be able to make a move to a specific area. 

Utilise Your Transferable Skills

If you are struggling to find roles within your specific area, don’t give up. Instead, consider what transferable skills you have acquired. If you are prepared to side step into a slightly different career path, you might find that great opportunities start opening up for you.

Seek Advice

If you have made the decision to return to Ireland, but need to secure a role before you can make the move, consider asking for help from a specialist recruiter. Here at CareerWise, we can give expert advice on the jobs market, and regularly help returning emigrants settle in by matching them with jobs that suit their skills and experience. 

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