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The Best Questions To Ask In An Interview

Great news! You’ve made it to the interview stage and have an opportunity to make a good impression that could secure you the job of your dreams. You’ve brushed up your interview skills and researched the company you’re applying to, and it’s all going well until you hear the words, “Do you have any questions?”

questions to ask at an interview

This can be a tricky moment in an interview, especially if you haven’t given it any thought. You don’t want to pass up the opportunity to find out whether this role is really a good fit for you, but it can be difficult to know what to ask at this stage. Read on for our top tips on flying through this step and making a great impression on your potential employer.


Asking The Right Questions At Interview


Getting your questions right will help you to show that you’re a bright and engaged candidate who is committed to finding the right job, and the following may give you some ideas:


  1. How has this job changed? It’s important to get a feel for how progressive a company is, and if a position has not changed and evolved, you should see this as a red flag that suggests a lack of motivation and development within the company.


  1. Is this position flexible? More and more companies are recognising the importance of offering flexible working options to employees, and the stats show that this can increase productivity and longevity. If you want to be able to work flexible hours or work from home on occasion, you can ask about the potential for this at this stage.


  1. What does your ideal candidate look like? Getting an idea of the candidate the employer has in mind can help you to understand how you measure up. If the employer mentions specific qualifications or experience that you have, it’s a great opportunity to remind them of this and highlight your history again.


  1. Where is this job heading? This is a great question to clarify why this role matters and how you would fit into the future of the company if you were to secure it. It’s important to ask about career progression, and how your own future with the company could look.


  1. What happens next? Ask this question last to clarify the procedure the company will be following in order to make an appointment, and to remind the interviewer of your commitment to the process. If you are considering other opportunities, it can be a good time to mention these, but be upfront and honest about this rather than attempting to use it as leverage.


Good luck!


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