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Top Tips For Tired Staff

Sometimes it seems as though everyone comes under pressure at once, and a team that is struggling to stay upbeat in the face of deadlines and stressful projects will be noticeably less cohesive and less productive.

Fortunately, there are ways to motivate and encourage staff even if they are flagging, and the following tips may be helpful for you and your team.

Tips To Encourage Staff Productivity:

1.    Create a rejuvenating space. Productivity will increase if staff feel valued and nurtured, and a great way to encourage these things is to create an area in the office that is set up to allow for relaxation. Yoga, meditation and exercise are renowned for helping people to cope with stress, and a space in which these can be available at work could make a huge difference.

2.    Make time for breaks. When people are under pressure they often neglect their needs in order to get things done, but this is counterproductive and will quickly lead to burnout. Schedule regular breaks with every member of the team, and ensure that they take the time out they need to succeed.

3.    Maintain perspective. It’s hard to keep calm and collected while deadlines are piling up, so ensure you have a system of scheduling or team meetings to identify the key tasks that everyone should be aiming for. Prioritise the most important things and remind everyone of these on a daily basis.

4.    Encourage hydration. Fighting fatigue is impossible if you’re dehydrated, so ensure that your team have constant access to fresh water and encourage them to drink it throughout the day alongside those brain-boosting coffees. Offering healthier alternatives to the usual energy sapping office refreshments could also help to increase motivation and productivity.

5.    Be flexible. Studies consistently show that staff productivity and loyalty are much higher in companies that value their employees and offer them flexibility with their time. If your team members can work remotely, working from home or from a local café may be an excellent way to shift the dynamics and create positive change.

6.    Be creative. In the long run, your staff will be much more productive for your company if they are well rested and not overwhelmed by their job. Ensure you have a good support system in place for when things get too much, and try simple tips such as diffusing peppermint oil into the office, or having a voluntary mobile phone amnesty to avoid unwanted distractions throughout the day.

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