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What Are Engineering Employers Really Looking For?

Engineering Jobs CareerwiseWhen you’re applying or interviewing for your dream job, it can be very helpful to have a little advance warning about what your potential new employers may be looking for. We’ve been talking to those in the know, and we’ve come up with an excellent checklist to ensure you show that you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

Applications may be specific to certain fields when you are applying for engineering jobs, and you will be expected to have an appropriate level of relevant knowledge about the sector. However, you will also be expected to show that you can fit into the company as an employee with many skills to offer. Many applications ask for examples of particular abilities or skills to illustrate exactly what they are seeking, so it’s important to think about what they have requested in order to make the best impression.

What Are Engineering Companies Really Looking For?

It’s fairly common for job advertisements across the engineering sector to include reference to specific skills and qualities, as well as the necessary qualifications and experience, and we’ve been looking at some of these to help you prepare for success. Your application may ask for:

1. Team skills. The ability to work as part of a team is a requirement of many job applications across every industry, but many people answer this by referring to their social lives, as if demonstrating that they have a large social circle will satisfy this point. This is not ideal, since the difficult thing about teamwork is working with people you may not click with, or who you find difficult. Think about examples of times when you have worked with someone you didn’t know, or did not especially like, and consider how you managed the problems and came to a satisfying outcome.

2. Approach to work. Are you a stickler for procedure? If you like working in line with regulations, you may be best suited to a process-orientated role. If, however, you are driven to focus on the goal you are working towards and are flexible in your approach to achieving this, you may be a more goal-orientated thinker, and this may be considered a very positive quality for many positions.

3. Attitude to work. Be truthful and realistic here, but pay careful attention to what the employer is asking you. If you are asked about your resilience, for example, you should be aware that you’re being asked to prove that you can bounce back from adversity and strive for success despite setbacks. If the employer is asking about your commitment to your work, think about what has led you to this industry in the first place, and consider how best to express your enthusiasm and passion for the role you are applying for.

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