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Top Life Science Recruitment Trends For 2019

CareerWise Recruitment and CK Group (UK, INRALS network partner) carried out a recent survey of engineering and technical professionals who are currently active in the life sciences market.

Ireland’s prowess as a global biopharma and life sciences hub is a story in itself, and the future is looking bright. The life sciences industry in Ireland continues to thrive, with a number of well-defined pharma, medtech and biotech clusters benefiting from considerable recent investment. Which leads us to ask, what trends are we currently seeing for candidates in the life sciences sector?

What our survey revealed

It’s a candidate’s market, and as our results show that 75% of our technical professionals surveyed intend to look for jobs in 2019/2020. The below infographic will give you some insight into what;

  • Influence Brexit is having?
  • Why people are looking for a change, and why are they attracted to working in Ireland?
  • What obstacles they face?
  • What tools are candidates using when looking for a new role?

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  • More than 75% of those  asked stated that they  would be looking for a  new role in 2019/2020
  • 83% said that Brexit has NOT been a consideration when  it comes to working in or  relocating to Ireland.
  • Which region are most people  looking to live and work?
Ulster 11%
Leinster 35%
Connaught 20%
Munster 54%
Other 11%

(Tip: It is no surprise that the Munster area is the most popular since a huge amount of the life science industry is based around Cork. Be prepared to relocate if you want to work for one of these organisations)

  • 45% of people asked have more than 10 years  industry experience
    • 36% have 2 to 10 Years
    • 43% have 10 Years +
    • 21% Less than 2 Years

(Tip: This is an experienced job market. Ensure that your experience  on your CV and LinkedIn profile really stands out)

The top three reasons why people are  looking to move roles are the following:

  1. Career  progression
  2. A better salary  or rate
  3. Looking for a new challenge

What concerns people most about moving roles?

Loss of  security

  1. Research the organisation
  2. Review the new contract thoroughly
  3. Check the company’s financial status with your recruiter and Google the latest news  reports featuring the company.

These 3 points may make you more confident in your decision.

New company environment

  • At the interview make sure you get a good feel for the  company environment. Check  their website and social media  carefully. What does this tell  you about their culture?

Loss of  status

  • Remember why you want to join this new company and why they  want you.
  • You might be the newest person at the company but you have  experience from other organisations  and a different perspective which is  invaluable. Bring that spark to your  new role.

If you’re considering a move to Ireland  take a look at the top three reasons why  people work here:

  1. Quality of life: A 2018 UN report stated that  Ireland is number 4 in the world for quality of life just  after Norway, Switzerland  and Australia.
  2. Career Opportunities: Ireland is home to 24 of  the world’s top biotech  and pharma companies  and the number  continues to grow.
  3. Culture: Ireland is known for traditional live music in every pub, stunning scenery,  castles, rugby, horses, and  being the home of Guinness! It’s not a surprise that people want to move here for the  great culture.

People stay and move to Ireland because Ireland offers a  great culture, quality of life and lots of career opportunities

What tools/platforms are the most  popular when searching for a new job?

Recruitment  agencies: Working with a specialist recruiter  such as CK or CareerWise gives you  access to a wider range of jobs. Try to  build a relationship with a recruiter so  they contact you before a job is even  advertised to the market.

LinkedIn: If you’re interested in a new job, ensure  your CV is on LinkedIn. Some Recruiters  such as CK Group also have LI Recruiter  licences that are only available to  recruitment firms. These licences give  us a much larger network of clients and  candidates, which in turn will give you a wider job search.

Job Boards: CK and CareerWise advertise most of  their jobs on Irish Jobs, Indeed and CV Library  for example but to get access to the  jobs before the rest of the world, check our own websites regularly.

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