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What’s Hot in Engineering?

Engineering is a vast and diverse field, and prospects within different parts of the industry vary enormously. Some areas of engineering have been pinpointed as being likely to see significant growth in the next twenty years, and these are worth considering carefully if you’re looking to move into this industry or follow a career development path within engineering.

Applying for an wind turbines and modern solar panels in the country side will require you to be clear about your own experience, interests and specialisms, but you may find that your passions within the industry are well suited to one of the areas due for significant growth in the next 20 years.

Five Branches of Engineering Likely to Grow in the Next 20 Years

1. Renewable energy engineering. This is a market that can only increase. Plans for more and more of our energy, for homes and for businesses, to be renewable mean that new projects are more likely than ever to be approved. According to research by the International Renewable Energy Agency, the renewables sector may be employing around 16.7 million people across the world within the next 15 years.

2. Geo-engineering. The glamorous arm of the engineering industry, geo-engineering is attempting to reverse atmospheric damage created by greenhouse gas emissions. This challenging mission is drawing many of the brightest sparks in engineering, and a career in this area could be just the thing for you if you thrive on innovation.

3. Civil engineering. Civil engineering is an increasingly profitable sector, largely due to big projects such as airport expansions, which are already in the planning phases. There are opportunities to work all over the world in civil engineering, with many countries across Asia, in particular, investing heavily in this area.

4. Hydraulic engineering. The changing environment and water shortages that the world is increasingly becoming aware of mean that hydraulic engineers are very much in demand. This is also an area that offers plenty of opportunity for worldwide travel, and innovative minds that dream of changing the world could do worse than to pursue a career in this branch of engineering.

5. Petroleum engineering. Perhaps less environmentally conscious than the other sectors on this list, but nevertheless a growing discipline in engineering, petroleum engineers are currently in demand as fracking is becoming an increasingly popular practice across the developed world.

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