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Career Development in Remote and Hybrid Workplaces [2024 Guide]

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In the past several years, the working environment has changed massively. The traditional model of office-based employment has shifted, with remote employees tuning in from all over the world and many working on remote and hybrid schedules.

This level of flexibility has been welcomed by many employees, saying they have gained more opportunities for travel, and a better work-life balance. However, as with any development, there are downsides too.

Gone are the days of the casual conversation around the water cooler that led to an upgrade in skills or a new job opportunity. Those who work remotely miss out on face-to-face interaction which can, for some, be the secret to career success.

Remote employees must remember that being away from the workplace could negatively impact their learning and development opportunities. Their chances of career development could be limited because they will not necessarily come across the same opportunities in the remote work environment.

At CareerWise, we are experts in all things employment. From professional development to career progression, new skills to new companies, we are here to help your career goals and guide you on the career path. Here’s our guide for how to maintain your career development in the hybrid and remote workplace.

Career development in the times of the hybrid work model

If you are working remotely, it might not have occurred to you that your career development may be suffering. But it’s worth putting some thought into how you can adopt career development strategies away from the office.

In-person work automatically leads to opportunities for progression. Perhaps your colleague sees your latest work by chance whilst near your desk, and subsequently invites you to collaborate on new projects. Or perhaps your boss, having noticed your competency through working alongside you, asks you to complete a certain task, rather than asking an outside consultant.

By contrast, it’s easy to feel disconnected when you work remotely.

Problems with the remote or hybrid workplace

While there are many benefits to a more flexible working model, there can be some significant disadvantages too. Some remote workers will feel that they are no longer competing on a level playing field since those employees who can be in the office are often in the best position to grasp any career opportunities that arise.

Unequal opportunities are a particular problem for those who need to work remotely due to caring or childcare responsibilities. However, companies are keen to support their workforces, so it’s worth being a little proactive.

You will need to take charge of your career development to get ahead.

Here are some strategy ideas.

Create an employee career development plan

When you begin your remote work, make it clear to your employer that this doesn’t mean you are uninvolved or unambitious. Request a meeting to discuss career development strategies, and how best to continue with these when working in the remote environment. Your employer should have an interest in shaping career development and encouraging your enthusiasm.

Ideas to explore in your personal development plan could include:

  • Adopting a mentor to discuss your employee performance and direction.
  • Taking on extra projects gives you a chance to explore particular interests.
  • Working as part of a hybrid team, where there will be regular in-person sessions, giving you the chance to make connections and network.
  • Creating connections in different departments, so that you still feel you know the wider company rather than limited contact.

Your development plan should set a clear direction, giving you targets to attain and a timescale to work to.

Remote visibility

It’s important to prioritize remote visibility. Rather than endlessly dodge the Zoom meetings, resist the urge to turn off your camera, and make sure you take an active part. Schedule regular conversations with your boss, to track how you are doing and ensure they think of you when the next opportunity arises.

Provide a learning and development stipend

Many employers provide a learning and development fund for interested employees. They want their employees to have all the skills necessary to perform at their very best.

If you find yourself in the remote workforce, don’t assume your employer is no longer interested in your career development. Make an honest assessment of your skillset, and then ask your employer if there are courses you could attend to fill any gaps in your C.V.

Build your network

Your role may be fully remote, or you might do hybrid work, where you sometimes work from home, and sometimes from the office. Either way, there will still be opportunities to connect with your colleagues. You just need to ensure you maximise these chances.

So, don’t skip the Christmas party. See it as a networking opportunity. Go for after-work drinks, or arrange them, even if none of you were actually in the office that day.

And consider your network – the jobs of your friends, your past colleagues, and parents of your children’s school friends. Do any of those people present an opportunity for career development – could they pass on your phone number to a colleague, mention your interest in a certain field of work to their influential friend, or invite you to dinner alongside their C.E.O. husband?

How does career development differ for remote workers?

It’s certainly true that career development does differ for remote employees. Remote work has many benefits, but remote workers will need to take much more responsibility for their career development than in-person employees.

However, hybrid and remote employees can still develop fantastic careers. Through individual development plans, good organization, and putting in the extra hours, remote workers can create just as successful careers as their in-person colleagues.

remote work ireland

Develop Your Remote Career

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