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Tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile (Ireland)

There are more than two million Linkedin users in Ireland alone. There is no escaping the value of this online networking tools when it comes to job seeking. Even when you send a CV to a recruiter or hiring manager, they typically will view your Linkedin profile too.

With that in mind, use Linkedin as an extension of your CV. There is only so much you can fit on two A4 pages, so if you have more selling points, put them on Linkedin.

Linkedin also has specific tools that recruiters subscribe to for finding potential candidates. To be seen by the right recruiter for the right role, you must have an up to date and fully optimised Linkedin profile.

Linkedin Profiles – Images Matter

A clear headshot is a must. Studies show that a profile with a photo has 21 times more visits

Linkedin profile pictures for job seekers should echo how you would look for an interview. If you don’t have a suitable headshot, ask someone to take a clear head and shoulders shot of you in front of a white or bright (but one colour) background. 

Think of your Linkedin profile banner as a digital business card. Use a free programme like Canva to create a graphic with your name and professionalism on a plain background. Images are processed much quicker than writing, so this added imagery will stick in recruiters’ minds better.

Linkedin About section – Pitch Yourself

The summary or About section on Linkedin is an opportunity to pitch yourself to a recruiter or hiring manager. You can add the opening statement from your CV or use bullet points to get across your experience and specialities. Make sure to include the keywords for your role. These are the words that recruiters and hiring managers use to search for suitable candidates.

You can fit a lot into your Linkedin summary. Adding is quotes from testimonials and references here can strengthen your profile. Once you have added all your information, make sure that it is easy to read and use Grammarly to avoid typos.

Write A Strong Linkedin Headline 

Your headline doesn’t need to be your current job title or have to say ‘seeking opportunities’. Use the job title you are looking for (assuming you have the experience) and add in a little extra. For example, ‘Junior Business Analyst With Experience In Support And Software Testing’. Again, the headline is prime real estate for keywords, so use what you want to be found for.

Linkedin Experience SectionStrive For Accuracy

Your CV and Linkedin should match, and neither should have any gaps at all. If you have worked in a none related role between studying and job seeking, then include it. Write in the job details section write ‘During my studies, I supported myself with this role’. Recruiters loath gaps and treasure honesty.

In the description section of each job, echo your CV but also add in any extra selling points you have. 

Get Linkedin Testimonials & Endorsements

Ask everyone you have worked for and with for a Linkedin testimonial and endorsement. A testimonial is a mini reference that appears at the bottom of your profile. An endorsement is a recommendation for a particular skill. When requesting this from your contacts, be clear about what you would like them to mention.

To ensure that your glowing testimonials catch the eye of recruiters, use them in your featured section too. To do this, take a screenshot of the testimonial, save it as a Jpeg and upload as media to your featured section. You can even add a title and description, so be sure to use the relevant keywords from your summary.

Be Proactive About Using LinkedIn

Linkedin is not a passive tool. If you want to be noticed, you have to be proactive about two things:

  • Building your network: connect with relevant recruiters, hiring managers, agency recruiters.
  • Sharing your knowledge, posts about relevant articles, relevant areas of interest

Don’t forget to use hashtags in your Linkedin posts. Ireland was the fastest country to adopt Linkedin hashtags and is the most prolific user. Research what hashtags are being used in your area of interest and include them every time.

The Attention Is In The Detail

Linkedin has a lot of sections to utilise for job search, don’t skip any relevant sections. This is your chance to showcase your awards, promotions, studies and professional memberships. How well your profile is set up is a reflection of how serious you are about your job hunt.


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